pair(s) of wandering eyes
Not all who wander are lost.
"that all things loved are pursued and never caught,
even as you slept beside me you were flying off." -Dean Young, from “Ash Ode” (via wunderlast)


Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst things ever 

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Frankenstein’s Monster

I’m a fuck up, but I know I’m not a complete terrible person. I have a lot of love to give. I just think I’m meant to share what I can to whoever accepts it, but end up alone. I’m not meant to have something so precious in return.


have you ever just looked at someone and thought, my fucking god i adore you. i adore every goddamn ounce. i adore your bones and your soul. but I’m a loser, who just doesn’t wanna lose you. i can lose fucking everything, but not you. oh god. not you.

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